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The Dangers of Letting a Dead Tree Fall


The Dangers of Letting a Dead Tree Fall


Every now and then we find a dead tree in our yard. It maybe a few feet from our house or it may be 100 feet away. We all wrestle with the same question of when we should do something about the dying tree in your yard. There are several reasons why we choose not to cut the tree down:

Money- we usually don’t want the extra expense.

Time- we don’t want to have to go through the time of finding a tree company, meeting with them, and setting up a date for them to come out to cut the tree down.

Although these are valid reasons, it is equally important to note the dangers of what could happen if the tree is not cut down. The dangers far outweigh the reasons for why the tree should not be cut down. So if you are on the edge of needing to have your tree cut down, then read the following reasons for why you should cut down your dead tree in your yard.

Safety for your family and neighbors- Often times we find ourselves thinking that nothing will happen if we leave the tree alone. However, that is not the case. Particularly, you never know when the tree might fall. It could fall when you least expect it. What could make things worse is that it could fall on your kids or neighbors or even yourself. The risk of losing a life is too great to ignore the problemed dead tree.

Protection of your house or property- What would be worse having someone cut down the tree or the tree fall on your house? Think about the time that will be spent having a contractor come to your house to fix your house. Sometimes this could take weeks to get the contractor out to your home. Then, it could be another 3-5 months having the contractor work on your home. The length of time that it would take to fix your home can be long. During that process think about what you and your family will have to do. Where will you stay? How long will you need to stay there? What type of property will be damaged within the home? How long will it take for your insurance to pay out all of these things? Will your insurance pay for it? These are all great questions that should get you moving. It would be much easier to have someone come out to your property to cut the tree down.

The bottom line is that the risk of the tree falling and the results from it are far worse than having someone come to your house to cut the tree down. If you have a dead tree in your yard, now is the time to take care of it before someone gets hurt or something happens to your property. We are here to help you with our tree removal services. We offer all types of services from emergency services to tree removal services to stump removal services. Please feel free to contact us today.

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