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Tree Pruning

Do you need tree pruning?  Our company provides a variety of environmental friendly tree services for both residential and commercial customers.

Tree Pruning – Pruning entails the process of cutting away at some tree branches. You will find that regular pruning will help the overall health of your trees.


Shrub Pruning Service

Whether you need GA shrub pruning service or tree removal service, we can help.

Insect and Disease Control – Insects and diseases can cause damage to a tree greatly affecting its health. When your tree’s health decreases, the likelihood of a dying tree is very possible. We seek to help prevent the spread of damaging insects and disease.

Thinning the trees and tree area – When you want to improve your landscaping view, thinning your trees will greatly help as well as provide for a better health of the tree.

Skirting your trees – This is the process of taking away the lower limbs from your tree.

Crown Reduction – We use this pruning process on large trees, especially pine trees. This helps twind to move through a tree. As a result, more air can move throughout the tree.

Shrub Pruning – Pruning improves not only the appearance of shrubs, it also improves the health of shrubs.

If you need trees pruned or would like more information, contact our Augusta Tree Pruning Experts today. We would love the opportunity to serve you.