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Tree Services

Augusta Tree Services is one of the most trusted tree service companies in Augusta. Our experience plus our strong focus on customer satisfaction makes us a favorite with our customers. We are fully insured for your protection and we offer quality tree cutting services for your home needs. Take a look below at some of our services that we offer to our clients.
tree removal services

Augusta GA Tree Removal Service

Emergency Service – A storm can come so fast and completely damage your house or property. Due to our experience and tree cutting resources, we can clean up tree debris and fallen branches. Whether a tree has fallen on your property via a storm or drive or shed, we have the expertise to help.

Tree Removal – There are obviously times where you need help with the removal of a tree. Whether it has fallen near your house or about to fall on your property, we give you the assurance that the tree will be removed safely while protecting your home and property.

Stump Grinding – Sometimes, stump grinding is a must. Stumps can be frustrating and annoying. Let us help you get rid of that annoying stump so that you can have that portion of your yard back.  Our tree experts will remove your tree stumps to free up space in your yard.tree services

Tree Pruning – Pruning improves the overall beauty and health of trees and shrubs. It also promotes longevity by getting rid of insect-infested, diseased or dead branches.

Tree Specialists

Whether you need any of our services, our tree experts are prepared to handle all of your tree needs. Contact our Augusta Tree Services Experts today for a free estimate and consultation.