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Why do trees die and how do you know if they are dying?


Why do trees die and how do you know if they are dying?

Just like all living things, trees have a lifespan. Some trees live longer than other trees due to its type as well as long health. However, one of the main reasons a tree will die is because it simply runs out of energy. Energy is needed for the tree to grow and to sustain its life. When this energy deteriorates, then the tree begins to die. Certain ways in which trees lose their energy:

Insects and fungi- When a tree is no longer functioning in full health, it opens a window for insects and fungi to come and to begin to eat away at the continued health of the tree. Over time and with enough insects and fungi, the tree begins to lose the energy it takes to survive.

Water Deficiency- A tree is dependent upon water to have a healthy long life. As certain areas go through severe or mild droughts, the lack of water begins to affect the strength and health of the tree.

What are some of the signs of a dying tree? 

One of the most obvious signs is for a tree to fail to produce leaves. Sometimes you will notice that the whole tree is not producing leaves. Sometimes you will notice that certain branches are not producing trees. Another sign of a dying tree would be the infestation of pests or bees nesting excessively in the tree’s branches or trunk. Fungal attacks on a tree also reveal that the tree is beginning to show signs of dying. When you see certain fungi or mushrooms on the tree, it is normally a good sign that the inside of the tree has already been compromised.

What are some steps to be taken?

It is extremely important that you survey your land once a year to inspect the trees around your home. This will give you a feel for the health of the trees as well as a feel for whether or not there is any danger around your house. Also, if you spot dead branches or a failure to produce leaves, then keep a close eye on it. Make a mental note that it will need to be addressed soon. Also, if you find fungi or bugs within the tree, it may already be too late to bring health back to the tree. However, you may call a botanist to come out and help diagnose and prescribe some type of aid to help bring the tree back to life.

How do we help?

We walk with you through the process to help you determine what needs to happen. We will clarify with you whether the tree is still healthy or whether it is dying. Next, if the tree is dying, we walk you through the next phase of what it would look like to save the tree. If the tree is unable to be saved, then we begin the process removing the tree. This can mean that start the pruning process of cutting certain limbs to give an opportunity to live. If nothing can be done to save the tree, then we would be happy to work with you to remove the tree from your property.

Although no one enjoys having a dead tree in your yard, it is extremely important to not treat it lightly. Dying trees are more at risk of falling. This is especially the case when storms or rain is involved. If you have a dying tree, then give us a call today to see how we might help you.



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